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Researchers fabricate intricate 80m2 concrete slab using 3D sand printing

Smart Slab on top of the Mesh Mould wall

Smart Slab is the world’s first full-scale architecture project whose formwork bases on large-scale 3D sand printing.

DFAB HOUSE project team celebrates the topping out

Spatial Timber Assemblies modules being mounted on the construction site

After the timber modules had been assembled, the project team celebrated the topping out.

Next comes the ceiling: Smart Slab concrete elements successfully installed

Smart Slab installation

The Smart Slab ceiling elements were successfully assembeled within a week on the construction site.

Insight into a development process: The robotic fabrication of concrete façade mullions with Smart Dynamic Casting

The robotic fabrication of custom-made concrete façade mullions with Smart Dynamic Casting

Robotic collaboration in timber construction: Media visit in the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory

NCCR researchers demonstrated within a media event how robots could revolutionise timber construction.

Welcome to the DFAB HOUSE website: Stay tuned for future construction news!

In order to keep everyone interested informed about the ongoing construction of DFAB HOUSE, the NCCR Digital Fabrication launched this project website. Welcome!

Building with robots and 3D printers: DFAB HOUSE in the media

After a successful start of the construction work, the project team for the first time informed the media about the DFAB HOUSE project. The event was met with great interest.

Construction start for DFAB HOUSE: In situ Fabricator ready to go

DFAB HOUSE Construction Start with Industry Partners

The NCCR Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich and numerous industry partners together celebrated the construction start of the DFAB HOUSE.