What is it like to live in a learning digital home? How do analogue and digital devices interact with each other smoothly? Which applications improve life within our own four walls? Which of these applications are we not even aware of yet? In DFAB HOUSE, digitalSTROM is working with partners to develop new products, systems, services and applications – and the residents immediately put them to the test.

digitalSTROM is a Smart Home platform that orchestrates all elements in a house, independent of the manufacturer: analogue technology, IP devices, audio and multimedia applications, building technology and sensors with each other or with the Internet. The connectivity concept communicates through the existing electric wiring and IP.

In keeping with the idea of the platform, digitalSTROM and its partners also follow an open system approach in DFAB HOUSE. In addition to conducting tests, new ideas and further comprehensive application examples are developed in a real environment. Digital living, or the digital home, is growing by leaps and bounds. And this is happening not only with our partners – cloud services, device and service bots are expanding the system’s performance scope with intelligent features such as the ability to learn and the evaluation of context-related information.

The integration of artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities for the sustainable use of our resources such as energy and water. And our home becomes more comfortable, secure and beautiful.

More innovations

Platform partners:
Nussbaum AG
Schenker Storen AG
Securiton AG
Smarter Applications Ltd.
Trilux AG
V-Zug AG
Zehnder Group AG

Image credits:
digitalSTROM AG