Autor: Linda Seward

Keeping tabs on DFAB HOUSE

DFAB HOUSE may have opened and now be an occupied house, but that doesn’t mean that the project is over. Far from it. In fact, the house is now in the first phase of longitudinal studies to see just how well digitally fabricated objects hold up. Initial results are in, and they show that actually,

How to Build a House Exhibition Opens at swissnex San Francisco

How to build a house exhibition

On 12th March, the photo exhibition “How to Build a House: Architectural Research in the Digital Age” opened at swissnex San Francisco. The opening night was combined with a number of events, including a public conversation with Matthias Kohler & Benjamin Dillenburger. The exhibition, put together through a collaboration of NCCR Digital Fabrication, Gramazio Kohler

DFAB HOUSE eröffnet

Auf dem NEST-Gebäude der Empa und Eawag in Dübendorf wird heute (27.02.2019) das DFAB HOUSE offiziell eröffnet. Es ist das weltweit erste bewohnte «Haus», das nicht nur digital geplant, sondern – mit Robotern und 3D-Druckern – auch weitgehend digital gebaut wurde. Die eingesetzten Bautechnologien entwickelten Forschende der ETH Zürich in Zusammenarbeit mit Industriepartnern. Eine feingliedrige

Robotically fabricated concrete façade mullions installed in DFAB HOUSE

Concrete mullions

To celebrate the installation of the concrete façade mullions digitally fabricated using Smart Dynamic Casting in the DFAB HOUSE, we have released a new extended video showing the entire process from start to finish. Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC) is a continuous robotic slip-forming process that enables the prefabrication of material-optimised load-bearing concrete structures using a